Quick run through my life

Dating back to my earliest childhood memories, I remember my life being driven by curiosity, the need to explore more and more each day, reading encyclopedia from A to Z, in my opinion - just for the knowledge. This - passion - grew even more when I first got the computer and I still remember how thrilled I was with its capabilities, this power entering commands, performing tasks that I never knew that could be done so quickly. Day by day, learning every aspect of software and hardware, I got in love with this machine and since then I am certain that that’s my path I want to walk.

From obeying the parental control software that my parents installed on my computer, to modifying the source code of the web page just to look as it’s mine, all of this done by curiosity - that was my start in ‘hacking’. After seeing films like ‘Takedown’, ‘Wargames’, or ‘Pirates from Silicon Valley’ I developed strong strong attachment to this part of society, as I fitted perfectly. But meanwhile I started walking through the world of programming which I explored in every bit, trying different languages but, unfortunately - never sticking to any. Through these years, I was learning as much as I could about computers, how they work, how they are connected or how they were build but more was yet to come.

Now, my passion to explore computer technologies is much stronger than in my childhood. Being motivated more than ever to work in network security, I’m spending lots of time to learn programming, networking and security. By doing small projects, CTFs etc I want to keep getting better and better in what I do, day by day improving my skills and learning new ones. All driven by passion for curiosity and hunger for knowledge.


All my projects can be seen on my Github Profile.



Python was my first language to ever encounter during journey with programming. Always in use, but I never got to write anything bigger than some snippets for automation, CTF solvers or during larger computations.


Altough I love Python, I got to learn so much about C that it became my language of choice during many projects. Got to learn external libraries allowing me to work with graphical interfaces (SDL, Allegro), XML (libXML) together with Unix networking libraries that let me make network applications.


As some of the problems require more OOP (object-oriented programming) approach, C++ is my go to language with big advantage of being back compatible with C. This allows me to solve some tasks quicker than in other languages.

System Administration


I can sadly (or not) say that I know Linux more than Windows. After many years of distro hopping (Ubuntu -> Mint -> Manjaro -> Antergos -> Arch), I’ve been able to learn a lot about it, detecting and repairing issues.

Linux Server Configuration

Services like Apache, SSH, iptables configuration.



Definitely my favourite part during various CTFs, challenges etc. Requires you to think a lot about the ways to try and break the crypto, with lots of mathematical background.


Firstly, not so interested in networking, I started to learn a lot about it because of my passion to security. Now I can say that it’s one of my favourite subjects, and I’m eager to learn more and more about it.

Reverse Engineering

Sadly it’s still one of the categories with smallest number of solve counts, I love learning about the hardware of computer systems, how they interact together and how everything is being programmed in a low level way. I plan to learn more about computer architecture, and with that knowledge I want to come back into this category.


Oh how I hate this type of challenges. But still, I love to play with steganography, memory dumps, corrupted file systems and network captures as some of these files can give pretty beautiful story of what happened during various incidents.



Jekyll is an static site generator, written in Ruby. I’ve discovered it after a few months of using WordPress as a blogging platform, and since then I love it!


Used everyday to handle repositories (including this website), open source tools etc.