GoogleCTF - Mindreader

GoogleCTF from this year was hard. I couldn't solve most of the challenges, the ones that I made took me a lot of time to finish. But that's why we're here, to learn from a good challenge and from mistakes made during attacks. That's why I'm looking forward to write ups for other challenges and I'm publishing ones for the challenges, that I have finished. Let's start from the one with biggest number of solves - mindreader. - D0not5top 1.2

Today we're going to play with another machine from Vulnhub called D0not5top. Our aim is to find all 7 flags, and root the box. It seems to be a little harder then the previous ones, but all we want is a good challenge, right?

Nebula 01

Let's start another challenge from Nebula machine and see what's our target this time.

Nebula 00

Finally, exams are over so it's time to get back to security topics. Today I'm going to start documenting journey through Nebula machine from Exploit Exercises.

File Permissions

A little break in the exams, so we have some time to discover another topic - which is file permissions on Linux. Let's fully understand how they work.