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Gynvael Polish Mission 006

Another challenge from Gynvael's polish stream. Let's see what we've got today.

Gynvael Mission 006

Challenge from Gynvael's stream. Let's take a look at it.

Welcome back agent 1336.
No mail.
> mission --take
MISSION 006               goo.gl/Z4u9cv             DIFFICULTY: ███████░░░ [7╱10]

GoogleCTF - Mindreader

GoogleCTF from this year was hard. I couldn't solve most of the challenges, the ones that I made took me a lot of time to finish. But that's why we're here, to learn from a good challenge and from mistakes made during attacks. That's why I'm looking forward to write ups for other challenges and I'm publishing ones for the challenges, that I have finished. Let's start from the one with biggest number of solves - mindreader.

Vulnhub.com - D0not5top 1.2

Today we're going to play with another machine from Vulnhub called D0not5top. Our aim is to find all 7 flags, and root the box. It seems to be a little harder then the previous ones, but all we want is a good challenge, right?

Nebula 01

Let's start another challenge from Nebula machine and see what's our target this time.