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PicoCTF - Broadcast

You stumbled upon a group Message. Can you figure out what they were sending? The string sent is ascii encoded as a hex number (submit the ascii string as the flag)

PicoCTF - I've Got A Secret

Hopefully you can find the right format for my secret! Source. Connect on shell2017.picoctf.com:10750.

PicoCTF - A Happy Union

I really need access to website, but I forgot my password and there is no reset. Can you help? I like lite sql :)

PicoCTF - SoRandom

We found sorandom.py running at shell2017.picoctf.com:42263. It seems to be outputting the flag but randomizing all the characters first. Is there anyway to get back the original flag?

PicoCTF - JSut Duck It Up

What in the world could this be?!?!