PicoCTF - Biscuit

Your friend has a personal website. Fortunately for you, he is a bit of a noob when it comes to hosting a website. Can you find out what he is hiding?

PicoCTF - WeirdRSA

We recovered some data. It was labeled as RSA, but what in the world are "dq" and "dp"? Can you decrypt the ciphertext for us?

PicoCTF - Master Challenge 2

Turns out, some of the files back from Master Challenge 1 were corrupted. Restore this one file and find the flag.

PicoCTF - Leaked Hashes

Someone got hacked! Check out some service's password hashes that were leaked at hashdump.txt! Do you think they chose strong passwords? We should check... The service is running at shell2017.picoctf.com:61096!

Overthewire.org - Behemoth 1 -> 2

Today we're going to attack another reverse engineering challenge from Behemoth series, to improve our knowledge in reverse engineering.