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The first Enigma machine was discovered by Arthur Scherbius, German engineer who acquired the patent in 1918. Name of this device originated from Greek word - riddle. It was used commercially from the early 1920s, and was also adopted by the military and governmental services of a number of nations — most famously German Army. Communication during those days was sent over radio which means that everyone could easily listen. But at that moment no one could spy on Nazi messages - Scherbius' Enigma provided them with the strongest cryptographic cipher of the world.

Overthewire.org - Narnia 2 -> 3

What about another challenge in reverse engineering? Anywhere, anytime!

Overthewire.org - Narnia 1 -> 2

Another month, another challenge, next part of OverTheWire's Narnia wargames. Unfortunately lack of time, made it impossible for me to publish anything sooner. Sorry for that!

Overthewire.org - Narnia 0 -> 1

As a part of my New Year's resolutions I decided to improve my knowledge of binary exploitation, learn more by completing challenges from OverTheWire, especially Narnia, as they are aimed to people wanting to learn about basics.

Overthewire.org - Natas 1-10

Welcome back to another OverTheWire wargame called "Natas" - which is made only of tasks connected to web security. As the number of exercises is very big (33 at the time of publishing this post), I will break it down in a few smaller parts. Without wasting your time, let's get started!