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Overthewire.org - Narnia 1 -> 2

Another month, another challenge, next part of OverTheWire's Narnia wargames. Unfortunately lack of time, made it impossible for me to publish anything sooner. Sorry for that!

Overthewire.org - Narnia 0 -> 1

As a part of my New Year's resolutions I decided to improve my knowledge of binary exploitation, learn more by completing challenges from OverTheWire, especially Narnia, as they are aimed to people wanting to learn about basics.

Overthewire.org - Natas 1-10

Welcome back to another OverTheWire wargame called "Natas" - which is made only of tasks connected to web security. As the number of exercises is very big (33 at the time of publishing this post), I will break it down in a few smaller parts. Without wasting your time, let's get started!

Summary of 2016

As 2016 is getting closer to the end, I wanted to give you some brief insight in what has been happening in the past month or so, with additional information about updates on RootNetSec and plans for the future.

Hardening WordPress

WordPress is the most popular content management system (27.2% of all websites in 2016), bringing an ease in creating websites even for non technical users. Perfect option? Unfortunately not, as WordPress is also the most hacked platform (around 70% of all hacked CMS are WordPress based sites).