- Stapler

Todays challenge is going to be more security concerned as we're going to give a try boot2root machine from Vulnhub called Stapler. It's aimed for begining/intermediate pentesters, with goal to get root access. Let's jump straight into the content!

Three Coding Challenges

Hi, today we're gonna explore more about programming and math. I've chosen 3 challenges from Project Euler- Largest Prime Factor of a number, Largest Palindrom and 10001st Prime. Project Euler is a great site that provides us with many mathematical/programming problems that will undoubtedly help us gain a better insight in beautiful word of mathematics and programming.

Simple Password Generator

As a part of my weekly coding challenges I decided to create simple password generating program that allows an user to create strong and unique passwords depending on the wanted legth. It's great way to improve your programming skills and problem solving. Let's see how it works!

Web for Pentester

Today we're going to continue our journey through the word of web application security - more accurately XSS exercises from PentesterLab. It's great way to practice what we have learned so far and also - good challenge. Let's jump into the first one!

Distributed Denial of Service Attack

Denial of Service attacks (DOS) are one of the simplest ways to paralylze network infrastructure of the victim. Although many attacks are connected with destroying data or stealing credentials (or any kind of sensitive information), DOS attacks can cause equally big financial loss. Properly prepared, in particular Distributed Denial of Service, can cause catastrophic harm to the victim company. In addition - even though they are one of the earliest kinds of network attacks - they are getting more and more sophisticated and harder to prevent.