W3ndige Student Just a student with passion for security. Interested in operating systems, reverse engineering and how things work at low level.

Vulnhub.com - RootThis: 1

Today we’re going to come back to some Vulnhub machines as there were many new added latelty. Firstly, we’re going to play with machine called RootThis. Fairly saying it’s a beginner level challenge with some general knowledge required.

ROP Emporium - fluff

Today we’re going to get much more creative with chaining ROP gadgets. Once again, we have to write a string to memory and then use this string to call system, but this time we’re limited to gadgets that do not seem to allow us to write directly. Instead we have to find a way to use multiple ways to just place a value at register.

ROP Emporium - badchars

Today we’re going to learn how to use different assembly instructions to help us write a string to a memory, with restriction that we can’t use some characters. But with the knowledge from previous challenge, it shouldn’t be much harder bypass these checks and get the flag.

ROP Emporium - write4

In this post we’re going to exploit 4-th challenge from Rop Emporium called write4. This time, we don’t have any string that will help us viewing the flag, we have to manually place it using different gadgets. Another technique in our sleeve, right?

ROP Emporium - callme

In this challenge from Rop Emporium, we’re going to learn how to set up function arguments using gadgets and chain different calls to function in order to get correct result. If you’ve completed previous challenges ret2win and split, this challenge shouldn’t be any harder, you just have to use previous knowledge and some logic in order to get to the flag.

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