W3ndige Student Just a student with passion for security. Interested in operating systems, reverse engineering and how things work at low level.

ROP Emporium - split

Today we’re going to deal with challenge slightly more difficult than the previous one. Together with the knowledge of the ret2win challenge, this one should help us discover different techniques and tricks that may come handy during dealing with similar binaries.

ROP Emporium - ret2win

Today we’re going to walk through a first challenge from the ROP Emporium, website which contains a series of challenges designed to teach about Return Oriented Programming. It’s an exploitation technique that is used to bypass security measures in binary that disallow us to place and execute shellcode in memory during the usual buffer overflow.

OverTheWire Advent - lostpresent

Today we have another challenge, into which we have to ssh and get the flag from santa.

OverTheWire Advent - naughtykit

Altough 2018 edition of OverTheWire Advent Bonanza has ended, I decided to come back and try to pwn challenges that I could not finish during the competition. For the first one, I’ve wanted to try the naughtykit.

Vulnhub.com - Matrix: 1

Matrix is a medium level boot2root challenge. The OVA has been tested on both VMware and Virtual Box.

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