34C3 Junior CTF - spi

This time we’re going to look at quite interesting challenge from 34C3 Junior CTF called spi, with a little bit of backstory. Category: misc Difficulty: easy Points: 70

34C3 Junior CTF - top

Let’s look at another challenge from 34C3 Junior CTF called top. Category: crypto Difficulty: easy Points: 49

34C3 Junior CTF - upload

Today we’re going to look into one of the challenges from 34C3 Junior CTF called upload. Category: web Difficulty: easy Points: 48

Pwnable.kr - mistake

Today we’re going to learn a lot about operator priority, and why some of mistakes made in this topic can be so devastating. Great example of that will be a challenge from pwnable.kr called mistake.

Summary of 2017

Another year, another summary. I’m kind of sad that this year is coming to an end, as 2017 made me develop my skills more than every other year summed together. But I have plans, big plans for the future, which some of them, I’m going to briefly introduce in this post.