Connected Quiz

Technology: C


  • Networking in C.
  • Parent, child processes using fork().
  • Communication between processes with pipe().
  • Valgrind memory leak checks and lots of debugging.

Assignment was simple, make a quiz for multiple players in so called Hot Seat mode. But as that would be too easy, I decided to make networking version with both server and client allowing players to challenge themselves on local network.

Flood Fill Algorithm

Technology: C++


  • Computer graphic algorithms.
  • Low level image interpretation.
  • SDL2 Image library as the base for graphical interface.
  • Proper code structure.

This projects was created in order to demonstrate how Flood Fill algorithm works, but I decided to improve it into the small paint clone with abilities to save files, read them, draw lines and circles.


Chip-8 Emulator

Technology: C

Another simple, yet working recreation of Chip-8 machine made to learn more about C. Provides great insight about how it works, from a technical point of view.

Brainfuck Interpreter

Technology: C

Simple interpreter for the brainfuck esoteric language. Capable of loading the file with the code, with plans to improve.

Cryptography Visalization

Technology: Python

Simple attempt to visualize some of the most common attacks, which may help some of the vieweres to better remember style of these attacks.

Genetic Algorithms

Technology: Python

As the title says, this project was made in order to learn more about genetic algorithms, by solving different problems.

Network Scanners

Technology: Python

Series of tools made to scan the network for other machines, check for open ports and grab their banners. In addition allows to scan web application and grab it’s security headers.

Root Network Security

Technology: Jekyll, HTML, SCSS, Javascript

Place where I like to share my knowledge with other members of netsec communty. Current theme was made by John Otander, with some small tweaks in order to make it more personal.