Connected Quiz

Technology: C


Assignment was simple, make a quiz for multiple players in so called Hot Seat mode. But as that would be too easy, I decided to make networking version with both server and client allowing players to challenge themselves on local network.

Flood Fill Algorithm

Technology: C++


This projects was created in order to demonstrate how Flood Fill algorithm works, but I decided to improve it into the small paint clone with abilities to save files, read them, draw lines and circles.


Chip-8 Emulator

Technology: C

Another simple, yet working recreation of Chip-8 machine made to learn more about C. Provides great insight about how it works, from a technical point of view.

Brainfuck Interpreter

Technology: C

Simple interpreter for the brainfuck esoteric language. Capable of loading the file with the code, with plans to improve.

Root Network Security

Technology: Jekyll, HTML, SCSS, Javascript

Place where I like to share my knowledge with other members of netsec communty. Current theme was made by John Otander, with some small tweaks in order to make it more personal.