Another year, another summary. I’m kind of sad that this year is coming to an end, as 2017 made me develop my skills more than every other year summed together. But I have plans, big plans for the future, which some of them, I’m going to briefly introduce in this post.

The past

In this year I have written so far a small number of 46 posts, which is about the double of what I have written in 2016. But the speed of making these posts have increased, on average about 5 hours. That add’s up to 230 hours, which is, for me especially, quite insane.

But I love it, writing these posts help me concentrate on learning, they make great way to strengthen what I know and amazing opportunity to find out about different topics, that I would not discover in any different way. In addition, they make great library of your own findings, that you can easily come back to in the future.

Apart from that I participated in a few CTF’s, but the most memorable one was PicoCTF, where me and my team were able to finish around 300th place. That was big motivation to keep learning, especially when I found out that my favourite challenges were the ones connected with crypto. To my astonishment, write-ups from some of these challenges are the most read posts on this blog, still vistied even that so much time have passed.

There were also some failures like GoogleCTF, and many others which were simply to hard to grasp. But where is failure, there is knowledge from the mistakes. I’m looking forward to the ones in 2018.

In the last 2 months I started learning C, simply as a part of the university course, but I quickly decided that the better way to learn about it is to write your own programs, and that’s where I started writing brainfuck and chip-8 interpreters. I can say that they were one of the biggest programming projects and I’m proud of the result.

The future

What comes with the future?

  • Write-ups on machines from Vulnhub, and the ones from retired section of Hackthebox.
  • Dive deeper into the reverse engineering ocean, with parts on low-level programming. That’s gonna be fun :D
  • Spend more time programming while not learning about netsec. Making projects that would sum up to the portfolio, probably in C/C++ or Python for netsec related programming.
  • Learn about blockchain, resources are waiting but there’s no time to read.
  • Maybe try luck in CCNA certification offered by university?
  • Come back with retribution on some of the CTFs.

And many, many more.

In the last words I would like to thank my girlfriend for the biggest support that I could ever receive in keeping this project up and running. It would be very hard without this. And of course thanks to you guys for another amazing year in this community. Looking at how many people may be learning from this blog makes me want to write more and more with every new post.