As 2016 is getting closer to the end, I wanted to give you some brief insight in what has been happening in the past month or so, with additional information about updates on RootNetSec and plans for the future.

Firstly I would like to apologize for the lack of the content, that unfortunately I couldn't deliver in the past month, because I'm in the last year of high school. Amount of studies that have been happening lately is insane, and I barely had any time to do any posts and projects. You can blame mathematics for this, as this is the most time consuming subject, but essential to get to the college.

Luckily Christmas break is coming, and I'm planning to write a few bigger posts in this period, definitely most of them security oriented, maybe a few about programming?

I also wanted to say big THANK YOU for your support, for motivation that is making me learn more and more than ever. Without you this site wouldn't be the same!

But what about these updates?

Yeah, what about them? Last weeks I've been trying to improve design of some pages, making it a little bit more appealing and a little bit professional (still I don't know if this worked out), but I think that this form is the final look for now. Here is the list of improvements:

  • Improved About page - visualisation of skills.
  • Improved Contact - different layout.
  • Improved Projects - completely redesigned.

Some of these changes are really small, unfortunately very visible, and essential for me. Sad life of perfectionist :(

For those of you concerned about privacy I have joined where you can know get my PGP key. It's great site and if you were thinking about joining I can undoubtedly recommend it to you!

Summary of 2016

Yeah, 2016 was hell of a year for me. I started this website not even thinking that it will last that long, but now I know that it was one of the greatest things that I could ever done to increase my knowledge. This year has also been one of the most intense years in my entire life. I have written 22 posts, all of them taking me about 7-9 hours to prepare, write and publish. Around 154 hours dedicated only to sharing what I have learned with you, which I found out - is also the greatest way to learn. By explaining to others.

From this point I also would like to say THANK YOU addressed to my girlfriend - who has dedicated a lot of her time to correct my spelling mistakes, change the order of sentences to those making more sense and generaly helping me with the language. Without her, it would be very hard to read :D

Last words

I'm right know in a process of working on a few projects - especially programming oriented but I'm also planning to take up small research about malware, which I think I'll publish during the summer 2017, so there's definitely more content coming up - keep tuned.

If you came so far down, I wanted to say once again - thank you.